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A trim tab system has the crucial function to make the boat control easy and safe, by correcting the longitudinal balance at different speeds.
A trim tab is none other than a movable extension of the hull, fixed to the lower edge of the transom on both sides, and it helps to improve boat stability in different sea conditions. The water flowing under the tab surface creates a pressure making it raise high up as much as the tab itself is pushed downwards. The result is that the boat stern raises until the best balance is achieved at different speeds.
Each tab can be moved by one or two hydraulic actuators, depending on the necessary thrust due to the tab surface.
Every trim tab can be moved individually at a time, so as to guarantee the boat stability and to compensate either the roll (transversal forces) or the pitch (longitudinal forces).

The trim tab system improve boat’s performance and safety during the cruise giving a better boat balance in every sea conditions.
It offers advantages also in terms of manoeuvrability at both low and high cruise speed, improving propulsion and propellers efficiency thanks to a faster getting on plane and helping to stay on plane even at low cruising speed.

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Advantages of advanced technology

  • Trim tabs

    Trim tabs are completely realized in AISI316 stainless steel and with a pickling process on welded points, so as to guarantee a high corrosion resistance.
    The tab structure sees a basic plate with a series of section bars placed at equal distance, having the purpose to increase its strength. A run-through pin connects the plate to the hinge, which is the fixed element of the tab and is directly mounted on the boat transom.
    All trim tabs are produced with specific dimensions on customer’s request and are already supplied with the base for cylinder connection and the zinc anodes for protection against galvanic corrosion.
  • Hydraulic Cylinder

    The hydraulic cylinder is the unit taking care of the tab actuation and it has no external hoses. It is double-acting and it is provided with a built-in motion sensor.
    That built-in sensor allows the tab angle detection, which is directly sent to the electronic control panel.
    Since it continuously works in sea water, it is completely produced in AISI316 stainless steel, except for the base, which is in brass.
  • Control Panel

    Handy and functional control panel with a compact design, that directly interfaces with the built-in cylinder sensors for the tab angle detection.
    It is provided with four buttons for tab actuation and two led bars for position monitoring.
    It is IP65 water resistant and the light intensity can be adjusted as needed.
    The panel is provided with ‘auto-retract’ technology, which makes both tabs return automatically when the engines are turned off.
  • Trim tab system

    The electro-hydraulic power unit is the power source for the cylinders and it is mainly composed of a tank, an electric motor, a pump and a solenoid valve group.

    The electric board manages the power signals and to interface with both the power unit and the control panel for hydraulic cylinders actuation.
    It is already provided with electric cables for connection

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